Being a medical student involve working harder than you’ve worked in your life,it comes with an expectation to work harder on average than most other students..so it’s important to be flexible and effective in your work.Just to list couple of things that I think you should put into consideration……


Do you prefer libraries or studying at home..study where you are less to be distracted..it’s important that you find out what works for you..don’t try to do what every other person is doing

Group studying

The benefit of group study is working through and reinforcing difficult concepts..it also keeps you motivated and sane..

group studing is effective because you are able to teach what you’ve learned.groups should be small thou,study with only 1-3 other people..this will reduce the change of you been distracted and your productivity will not be plummet.large groups has the ability to Do otherwise.

group studying helps you to reinforce the material for yourself and also help out your mates..This technique is called FEYNMAN TECHNIQUE..I suggest you give it a try

Powerpoint /Textbooks 

Using either your power point or textbooks,summarize what you read into your own words..by doing this,you are retaining the important information and organizing it in a way you will understand.

keypoints/condensed notes

Have key points that will generate a comprehensive notes..condense them into few key notes by organizing and restructuring the information.

Bring out the high yield points from your power point and rephrase them in your own words..this is an active learning process and it will reinforce the material


It is important that you fully understand your material,break them down into junks,relate with your material as your material,meaning,make it personal..medicine is really about human body,so as you study put yourself in it..let it be real to you..

Repeat what you study..It takes 64days of repetition for you to get into long time memory..as you repeat,you are daily memorizing your material..

flash cards

make your own flash cards,by making your own cards,you are again taking advantage of the active learning process.

reviews your cards daily

Thanks for reading ❤️


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