You are welcome, I hope you find this very first blog post about Med school useful.☺️

When I first got into medical school, there was so much that I didn’t understand. As one of the first in my family to pursue medicine as a career, there was a lot of uncertainty and trial and error. I wasn’t nearly as effective at studying. I didn’t manage my time nearly as effectively as I do now. I was easily swayed by things and people ..I eventually realized that I needed to create a system that works

The fact that perfection was a thing for me ,I didn’t stop believing that I could do more.I was zealous with wisdom ..just a brief throwback

My first few days was so surreal,just the thought that you are in medical school was so overwhelming and unexplainable.adjusting to the new environment and space took a moment..knowing that am actually doing this,actually studying medicine is exciting and also overwhelming,knowing that am on the road to becoming a medical doctor.

My classes were definitely not monotonous,each day was different,my first semester,I did 3 courses(a semester is 4 months in my school)Biochemistry,history and embryology.
You show up for each session with no idea what to is dynamic,interesting,exciting but at the same time demanding ———you have to studyyyyyyyyy!yess

I met different people from different backgrounds some were graduates,international students,some just left high school ..

Moving into uni,however,is a whole new experience which brings about an array of different challenges that are coupled with living independently .

Let’s stop here for tonight…thanks for reading 😊


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